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Developer claims iOS Devices getting Exploited Due to a Major Bug

A lot of researchers and devs are always working on the iPhone devices all the time and this time one of them have found something that Overkills. Earlier this developer have also provided tools that can jailbreak older one of the iPhone devices. This time the researcher claims that he made another tool that can potentially bypass the security of iPhones from 4S to the iPhone X. These series include millions of iPhone users and a major part of the iPhone’s customers that are at risk. The developer has posted it on social media about it and also stated that this could be the biggest news of recent years on iPhone jailbreak.

iOS Developer

The developer and researcher named as axioms on GitHub and Twitter posted it on Twitter and mentioned that he is giving his exploit for free to all. The exploit needs work on it to be used to jailbreak devices but it is said to provide the gateway to it. It is an unpatchable exploit as per the developer’s statement and can be used to breach the security of iPhone devices. This exploit shared by axioms is something useful for developers and can’t really be used normally as it is not provided as a kit yet.

It is big-time when Apple is getting all the different security bugs while they always claim customers of high security. The new iOS 13 was also found to have a security breach that they tried patching with the 13.1 updates. This news now can be one of the biggest on jailbreak and security bypass in iPhone or iOS that the community has had. The developer said that this exploit is probably already discovered by others too and they might already be using it.

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