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Dark Mode Soon to Come in Instagram

Dark theme is one of the common and cool features that you probably want in apps and websites etc while using them. Even Apple and android have been putting the feature into work and now dark mode is provided by Apple in iOS 13. It’s similar for other big companies such as Facebook and even Facebook messenger have it now. The dark mode option was added not too long ago by Facebook in its messenger app. The feature itself is very trending recently and most of the Android and Apple Apps and software are introducing it to users.

dark mode instagram

Instagram is a huge social media platform and there is news that dark mode will be available soon enough. It’s still in the testing phase but official stable Instagram with dark mode can come any day soon. Some of the developers have said that Instagram is working on its a dark mode which is better than just having dark icons and overall look. Instagram is going to bring the Amoled dark mode with the update that is not just a dark theme but the entire interface is dark. At the same time, Facebook is working with it’s FB app to add dark mode after the messenger. Still, it’s not clear who might bring the new update before others.

The dark mode included Instagram isn’t official yet but you can still try it as devs have provided it publicly. The devs say that it’s dark in all sense with the interface that can be used along with a device that supports the dark theme. For those with new devices running on Android 10, it will be a better choice to try it out even before others get dark mode.

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