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Dark Mode Rolling Out for Gmail and Google Maps

The dark mode is the new interface trend that everyone is adapting to be it social media apps or the device software. Facebook and Instagram etc are all turning the dark mode into a feature for users and Google just stepped in the game. It is with the Gmail that is getting dark mode with stable updates that can be downloaded from the play store. The updates are rolling out for two of the very common apps by Google that includes Maps and Gmail. Updates are rolling out for both iOS and Android devices and everyone will get them sooner or later.

Dark Mode on Gmail and Google Maps

The dark mode is best suited for devices running on the latest software like Android 10 and iOS 13 that support dark mode. People using android 10 and ios 13 will get the option to enable the dark mode whenever they want. The updates for Gmail are official and stable but Maps is still on its way. Google teased users on Instagram with dark mode on Maps that is official for android but no news on iOS. The updates are rolling out for Gmail that will give you dark mode on it supporting both iOS and Android devices.

It’s the high time people with new smartphones start checking for the update and downloading it soon. Some devices that have skinned OS might take time to get the updates but stock androids have it rolling faster. The dark mode will allow the interface to go dark making it look cool as it is but it’s best for the latest version of operating systems like Android 10 and iOS 13. Updates rolling out and Google teasing about the dark mode in Maps says a lot about how much dark mode is trending.

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