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Dark Mode And macOS Catalina On iTunes Remote App

This year has been full of new features and trends that everyone adapted to one after another. The dark mode is probably the most common trend or feature that everyone adapted to. As cool as it is the abundance of this feature can already be felt. The entire interface of the app of the Operating system runs on a dark theme. From Android to iOS and all the mainstream apps have turned dark this year and somehow people can’t have enough of it. Now iTunes Remote App is getting a dark mode with a new update that will also fix some older bugs in the app.

iTunes Remote app is possibly the best option for iOS users to control Apple Music and iTunes etc. The app is completely free to download and use while it makes it easy to connect to Apple Music, iTunes and Apple Tv app. To use the app you can simply download the iTunes Remote app on your iPad or iPhone and connect it however you like. The app now has a dark mode in it after the new update that is also said to patch bugs that the Remote app had. There is no mention of bug fixes in the update notes but the performance is also optimized on with the update.

The iTunes Remote App is the easy tool by Apple that you can install to control music libraries on your device. It can be simply downloaded from the apple store for free and installed to use all its features. All the music and tv apps on macOS Catalina can be controlled with the Remote app through your phone. iTunes Remote app can be used on your updated iOS and macOS system.

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