Criticism over Apple sharing data to Chinese Company Tencent

Time and time again tech giants seem to be getting involved in customer data misuse. Now it’s Apple once again in the news for sharing the data of users and this time it’s to Tencent. The fact that most of the tech giants are selling user’s data isn’t new but new things are getting discovered lately. It’s not just Apple as Facebook has been fishy in recent years and keeps paying for using the customer data. Now Apple working with the Chinese company and sharing user data is discovered. Apple always claims to provide security and privacy to users but this thing itself is going to cause a lot of mess.

Apple is getting major criticism for this data sharing with Chinese company Tencent. Data includes browsing history and IP addresses that were getting shared with China-based company Tencent. It’s been about two years since Google is sharing the user’s data with Tencent for making internet experience safer for them. Apple was sharing the data for the security feature warning user about unsafe websites while they try to open it. Tencent is working on the list of websites that users need to be warned about and this is done in China. Just for this list of websites that are being made user’s data is shared by Apple to a China-based company.

Apple has done different things over time that were absurd and now users are furious that their data was shared without them knowing. It had before too when Apple was working with a Chinese company for icloud related things. This feature for safe browsing is getting developed for iPad and iPhones so it’s still confusing how sharing local data is safe for users.

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