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Cortana Comes to its End as Microsoft Announced to remove it from iOS, Microsoft launcher, and android.

The tech giants have been bringing up new features for a long time and virtual assistant is one of the very popular features of all. Google and Apple were the leading on this race of popular virtual personal assistants and Microsoft did try it here. Microsoft made its own virtual assistant for the customers called ‘Cortana’ which was a good feature. Microsoft’s virtual assistant was available for Microsoft Windows and was a good option at that system. Cortana was also available for iOS and Android devices as a personal assistant app.

Cortana removed from ios

This feature of virtual personal assistant by Microsoft has now come to an end as Microsoft announced putting it down. The app will no longer be available for iOS and Android devices making it quite clear how it performed in a race against Siri and Google assistant. The act is announced and according to the statement by Microsoft 31st January 2020 will be the deadline for the Cortana app. Past 31 January 2020 the support for this app will be ended and no official thing will happen to it. It also affects Microsoft that Cortana is getting killed off as they mentioned Microsoft launcher will also be getting new updates removing Cortana.

Little does this affect people but the majority of the world will not be getting the Cortana app soon enough as not everywhere the but different counter is under the list. Australia, Mexico, India, China, Canada, Spain, and Great Britain are the places that are getting rid of Cortana. The US still gets to keep Cortana and this virtual personal assistant will be working fine while half the world is getting Microsoft’s action.

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