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Chrome64 beta now comes with a new Pop-up blocker, HDR10 and more

The latest version of Chrome that’s the Chrome64beta  is now available for Android, this version fixes the existing issues and brings a new feature that will put an end to those annoying ads. Now, let’s get into it to see what’s changed here. Being a beta tester you get to experience these new features ahead of everyone else, but then again they also come with their fair share of bugs, which will be later fixed in the final build.

However, now let’s see what’s new here, the stability improvement can be seen and along with that Google has implemented a much powerful pop-ups ad-blocker this time. You may have experienced those annoying pop-ups everytime you hit a link, or you may get confused with the amount of Download now buttons, you are presented with so that you click on the wrong ones to open up an advert.

Image Courtesy: PCWorld. com

Not anymore now, as the pop-blocker has been re-written to identify between what’s the legit file and what takes you to ads, thus, making your browsing experience a little pop-up free.

It now display’s a message prompting that the pop-up has been blocked, this was also available earlier, but this time it’s smarter and will do a better job. And won’t let any website trick you into thinking a redirecting link as the real deal. The beta version of the Chrome is also available on Windows as well as on Apple’s MAC and brings support for HDR10 videos and multi-tasking a split screen viewport.

Download Chrome64 beta from Google Play Store.

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