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Chrome OS To Get Dedicated Media Player

One of the many products by Google includes its ChromeOS that have been around for a while now. It is a project by Google based on Linux Kernel made from the Chromium OS. The interface on Chrome OS is made by the Google Chrome web browser and is mostly preinstalled on Chromebooks. Chrome OS mostly works to run web application as all the data remains on cloud storage. Google is working on it to provide more and more access to features from the time it was introduced in 2011. After all these years of being around Chrome OS still lacks some basic features that are needed in everyday use.

Some of you probably expect a product by Google to have everything basic with more and more improvement. In the case of Chrome OS, there has been development but somehow a very basic thing like a dedicated media player. A dedicated media player is what you don’t need to install to play a media file. The one that is promoted by the freshly set up Operating system with no third-party media player installed. Currently, Chrome OS lacks any dedicated media player and Google is finally working on it now.

Google might be running late on this one but it surely has come to bring a dedicated media player to Chrome OS. Google is working on a dedicated media player for Chrome OS and this will be  System Web App or SWA. Reports also suggest that all the  Chrome OS apps will be turned into System Web Apps. These SWA are accessible directly through the URL in browser windows and the media player will be accessible the same way. It might still take some time as right now it is under the process of making.

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