Chrome OS laggy tablet mode to be fixed by Google

Chrome OS was introduced as a laptop platform, but with the passage of time, it is being presumed as a tablet due to some factors.

Most recently, many have noted the poor performance of tablet mode especially on Chrome OS products like the Pixel Slate, but Google is working to fix this issue of poor performance.

[Source: Ars Technica]
If you have read any review of Google’s Pixel Slate or used it, you must know about the slow performance issues many have described.

In tablet mode, Chrome OS has a lot of problems with being slow. This is especially found in the multitasking screen, and it seems that is the first thing Google is looking at to fix these problems.

And it is reported that how Google is planning onto fix Chrome OS tablet mode lag in the multitasking screen.

Even on the Celeron model of the Pixel Slate, the one seeing the worst performance, Google notes that removing these rounded corners brings a “significant jump” in performance overall.

There is still no known info about when this is going to be fixed. According to news reports, Google is looking to find another method of implementing this look, so it is very much impossible to see the design just revert to basics at any point.

It is good news that finally, Google is going to fix this mode as it had been a real problem for users.

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