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Chrome OS Gesture Tutorial Added To ‘OOBE’

The operating system used by Google in Tablets etc called ChromeOS is getting some changes. From what ChromeOS was originally made there have been a lot of changes in it. In primary stages, Chromes was very minimal and with time it grew complex with more features. It was the OOBE or Out Of The Box Experience that majorly changed over time with increased features. Initially, it was just a login screen and with many changes in it now it has come to be a thing itself. Now you can call it a complete setup process in ChromeOS.

ChromeOS and it’s OOBE has now turned into a setup process that makes you not only start it but set it up. From making log in to now installing programs and reviewing then and activating Google assistant etc. Now you even have to set up security like biometric while you are just trying to make your device work for starters. After all, this development in ChromeOS the developers are adding tutorials to it for assistance. Everyone can understand the need for tutorials but this not the tutorial for setting up. The tutorials will be of setting up and using gestures on your tablets like device.

It is natural to have different gestures on smart devices like the once having ChromeOS. Gestures are very handy features that can make accessibility of features and applications better. By simply making small gestures you can reduce your navigation through option and much more. These things are easier when you don’t have to figure them out yourself through the internet or manuals. To make things easier Developers have put tutorials in the OOBE or Out Of Box Experience in ChromeOS. This enables you to understand the gestures right from the start.

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