Chrome OS Camera app is now open source

Many features of Google Chrome and Chrome OS are available to open source directly from Google under the Chromium projects.

But still, there are some things which Google intends to keep private. One feature of Chrome OS that has been kept private all this time is the Camera app, but from now on it won’t be private as it is being added to the open source Chromium repository.

Google also seems to be planning some big changes like portrait mode.

Camera app of Chrome OS could use some of the improvements. Such as, the app has got the feature to record videos this year.

Now it looks like Google might try to improve it even more by making the entire application open source.

This work is still in progress and the change in the code was found on Chromium’s Gerrit source code management, name as “Put CCA code base into chromium.”

Looking at the code it seems like the app has been made using JavaScript.

It will be now very easy for a third-party developer to make their own improvements to the Chrome OS Camera app now that it’s open source. Whether or not someone will bother to however is yet to be seen.

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