Chrome is going to crack down on sites that trick you into an unwanted subscription

When you are surfing on the Internet you probably don’t think too much about the bad side of the internet. You also don’t know that whether your browser is going to protect you from such bad side of the internet or not but, Google thought about your well being and is going to completely change that.

Google is going to release Chrome 71 in the next month (December) and there is a new feature added in it through which your browser will warn you about sites that might try and bill you without your full knowledge or consent.

Specifically, the measures are targeting mobile billing services, where little more than your phone number is needed to place additional charges on your monthly bill. According to Google, millions of Chrome users encounter pages with unclear or insufficient mobile subscription information every month.

Google said in a statement :

“We want to make sure Chrome users understand when they are going through a billing flow and trust that they’ll be able to make informed decisions while browsing the web,”

This new feature by Google is the latest change to make its Chrome browser more user-friendly. Google is also planning on adding a new feature which will crack down on abusive advertisements such as popups you can’t easily click away from, effectively cutting off revenue for websites that behave badly.

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