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Chinese markets sees a decline in smartphone sales for the first time

Mainland China is the epicenter of smartphone manufacturing. However, last year one of the world’s most extensive smartphone market that is China saw a significant slow down in the shipment of smartphones. In spite of shipping 459 million devices in Q4 to be more precise, the number of smartphone shipments fell more than 4% compared to 2016. But that didn’t stop the top companies in the Chinese market from slowing down as per Canalys the agency behind the compilation of this data.

The winner turned out to be Huwaei leading the pack by shipping a staggering 90 million units which are mind-boggling, to be honest for the Telecom giant. Those numbers are comparable to the Cupertino giant(Apple). Yes, all phones sold by Huwaei were not above $600, but still, that’s pretty impressive for the company and 50% out of 90 million units consists of devices from Honor which is the Huawei’s sub-brand.

China Smartphone Sales Graph
Image courtesy: Canalys. com

Coming at the second and third place is Oppo and Vivo the two sister companies which operate under the same umbrella, that’s owned by BBk Inc, sold a respectable 24 million units. While at the fourth place we have Apple selling 19 million iPhones and the last one in this top 5 list is the Apple of China, Xiaomi, which managed to sell only 17 million Mi/Redmi devices.

The soar losers last year were ZTE, Lenovo, Gionee, and Meizu. However, Lenovo and ZTE have the potential to replace Oppo and Vivo but Huwaei’s growth is the most astounding here and if this growth holds steady. Then we have a third competitor here to take on Apple and Samsung.


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