CatchUp From Facebook

Facebook is coming up with new ideas and we are getting new features and apps from Facebook on a daily basis now. Facebook is trying to help people in this horrifying situation due to Covid-19 and it is actually working. People can’t interact with each other now because they can’t go outside to meet but Facebook is making the deal simple. You can use Facebook for connecting with your friends and family through Facebook Messenger. Users can send or receive messages or can do video calls easily through Facebook Messenger. Facebook recently introduced us with a new feature that is Messenger Rooms.

We have a lot of ways to connect with our loved ones through Facebook because we have a lot of apps from Facebook with us. The company launched a new app called CatchUp that can make calls for you in a single tap. CatchUp not only lets you make calls but you can even know that the other person is available to pick up your call or not. This is the feature which makes CatchUp a unique calling app from other apps. CatchUp is available for both Android and iOS devices.

CatchUp is only available in the United States as of now and it is in the testing phase. CatchUp may launch worldwide soon but there is no official announcement so we can’t say anything right now. You will not need a separate Facebook account to use CatchUp and its features. Your existing contact list is enough for the app to work and CatchUp really is a good app. We don’t call people because we think that they’re busy but isn’t it amazing? CatchUp tells us that the other person is busy or is available to take calls right now.

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