Call Screening Transcriptions start rolling out to Pixel Owners

As expected, Google has started to roll out transcription for Call Screening Service of Android to Pixel Devices. The new Call Screening feature answers the calls from unknown or suspicious numbers using Google Assistant.

The only way to see a conversation between a caller and Google Assistant is to witness the conversation in real time but with the new transcription, you will be able to see the conversation later.

Google Pixel 3 Call Screening
[Source: TheNerdMag]
With the new update, a copy of the conversation will be saved for later viewing and to find a copy, head into Recent Calls section of the Phone app and find a call for which you selected Google Screening Service to answer the call on your behalf and select the Call Details from the menu.

If you got the latest update, then you will find the See Transcript option there. From there, you will be able to read the transcript and also rate its quality.

The Transcription support for Call Screening feature has not been rolled out to everyone yet, but Google did confirm that this feature will be accessible to everyone before the end of the year and most of the Pixel owners in the US will soon get access.

If you are living outside the US then you will have to wait a little longer for this feature as this feature is exclusively available in the US but it is expected to come to more countries and languages in the near future.

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