HTC To Come Back In The Game: HTC Desire 20 Pro

As we all know that HTC was a very good brand at some time. People used to choose HTC over other brands because the phones from HTC were rich in features. The brand got love from a lot of users but it wasn’t enough. Suddenly the company started disappearing and people started to forget HTC … Read more

Motorola One Fusion Plus: Worth Or Not?

Motorola is not ahead of the game and even the company is trying to compete with other brands. Other companies have launched decent devices but Motorola haven’t and people aren’t liking the devices from Motorola anymore. The company is trying everything possible to make their customers happy by introducing them to new features. Recently the … Read more

Google Pixel 4a Coming Super Soon

The company Google is planning on launching its new device that will not be an expensive one. They are launching Google Pixel 4a soon. It will be a mid-range device with a lot of specs to compete with its rivals. Google Pixel series has amazed us every time with their camera and their picture quality. … Read more

Motorola Edge+ Revealed In New Video

Smartphones are one of the most popular techs that we come around each day. For most of the people it is a daily necessity and it is a major part of life. From work to communication and many other things are one way or another dependent on it, Everyone has their own preferences for smartphones … Read more

LG’s Velvet Design And Specs Revealed

This year is similar to the last year with a lot of smartphones coming out one after another. All the manufacturers are trying to bring the best to the market in different ways. As the smartphone industry has become the hyped part of technology a lot of premium smartphones are coming out. LG is one … Read more

Apple iPhone SE 2020 Announced

The number of smartphones coming to the market every year is getting bigger and bigger. While more smartphones are coming to costumers these smartphones are getting better. Innovative and premium products are made by the majority of manufacturers. Some of the manufacturers are doing well for a long time and Apple is one of them. … Read more

Motorola Edge Plus Renders Show The Triple Camera

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Sony Xperia 1 II Coming Soon

There is a long list of tech companies from around the world that have been taking part in the market. While many have come around now to become big some have been around for a while now. Sony is one of the smartphone manufacturers that got lost somewhere between the last decade. Sony did make … Read more

Huawei P40 And P40 Pro Listed On TENAA

The Chinese tech giant Huawei that has been in news for some time now for it getting independent is still going strong. Huawei is getting a lot of attention for the reason that it no longer can trade with American companies. After getting blacklisted Huawei has not stopped or halted any production rather adapted to … Read more