Facebook Bought Giphy Recently For $400 Million

Facebook is the favourite platform of users to pass their time when they have nothing to do. Mark Zuckerberg owns Facebook and he also owns Instagram and WhatsApp. These 3 social media platforms are almost similar to each other as they let us contact our loved ones. Facebook is having a very good User Interface … Read more

Google Pixel 4a Coming Super Soon

The company Google is planning on launching its new device that will not be an expensive one. They are launching Google Pixel 4a soon. It will be a mid-range device with a lot of specs to compete with its rivals. Google Pixel series has amazed us every time with their camera and their picture quality. … Read more

Zoom Lies About Having 300 Million Users

It is one of the times when misleading customers can be trouble for a company. Even when it has high risk some companies can resist the market strategy like these. Lying about products services or the number of users to show the dominance happens a lot. This time it was Zoon that has admitted that … Read more

Amazfit Smartwatch With Curved AMOLED Screen

A lot has changed over time and one of these changes includes what we wear and take around with us. Watches are one of the few common accessories that most of the people keep around. Now, this has not changed much but the watches sure have become smart along with the other devices. Currently, there … Read more

Vivaldi Browser Comes To Android

For android users, there are too many apps to choose from be it the essential, utility, or any other app. Out of the many apps, browsers are quite a useful app for most of us as everyone is on the internet. Most of the people stick to Google chrome on android devices while there are … Read more

NordVPN to Use New NordLynx Technology

While the number of internet users has increased over time people have become more conscious. There have been too many incidents of cyberattacks and data breaches over the last few years. This lead to better internet security and for starters, people started using VPNs to keep their browsing private. One of the many popular VPNs … Read more

GitHub Becomes Free To Use For All Developers

There are a lot of things that people can do online and connect is one of them. For different purposes, many different platforms have been developed over the years. One of the many different platforms is Github that is a hosting and collaboration platform for developers. The company and platform are owned by Microsoft and … Read more