Samsung Mocks Apple on Facebook

If you follow technology NEWS then you must know that the new iPhone will no longer ship with a power break inside the box and you will have to buy it separately if you don’t already have a power brick in your house already. Apple announced this in the environment section of their keynote where … Read more

Sony Posts PS5 Teardown Video on YouTube

The official Sony YouTube channel has posted a video which shows the complete tear down of their upcoming ps5 gaming console and it gives all the users and insight into all the components that come together to make the ps5. The video is very well presented and a technician from Sony does all the teardown. … Read more

Google is Testing New YouTube Shopping Feature

YouTube is going to be your one-stop shop in the near future if Google testing goes right and it will dramatically change how the users of this platform shop for the products shown in the videos from their favorite creators. Google is testing a new feature which will allow the users of this platform to … Read more

Google Chrome Upgrades Password Protection

Google Chrome is the preferred browser for all Android users and has been for quite a while now. Google Chrome is now releasing a new update which will allow it to increase security towards password protection on android and IOS devices. This is great news for all the smartphone users because now their passwords will … Read more

Nvidia’s Maxine : All You Need to Know

Nvidia has launched a new feature for its users which will help them overcome the greatest challenge faced when they are on a video call. The recent pandemic has made video calling an essential part of our everyday lives. all the students are now required to participate in their classes using video calls because they … Read more

Add Audio In Your Tweets Now

Twitter is one of the popular social media platforms and people spend a lot of time on Twitter. People tweet about the latest topics or anything they like but Twitter is mainly used to spread awareness nowadays. There are a lot of users on Twitter and this is the reason why users are now spreading … Read more

CatchUp From Facebook

Facebook is coming up with new ideas and we are getting new features and apps from Facebook on a daily basis now. Facebook is trying to help people in this horrifying situation due to Covid-19 and it is actually working. People can’t interact with each other now because they can’t go outside to meet but … Read more

McLaren Ends Partnership With OnePlus

As we all know that OnePlus is a brand which competes with Flagship devices. Devices of OnePlus are blazingly fast and reliable and this is the reason why people prefer OnePlus. You can even differentiate between the latest flagship of a leading brand and the latest device of OnePlus and their price. You’ll be surprised … Read more