GitHub Becomes Free To Use For All Developers

There are a lot of things that people can do online and connect is one of them. For different purposes, many different platforms have been developed over the years. One of the many different platforms is Github that is a hosting and collaboration platform for developers. The company and platform are owned by Microsoft and … Read more

Mircosoft Shows New Windows Start Menu

Changes are an important part of the development and so there are upgrades for betterment. Products and services get modified to bring better performance with upgrades. One such upgrade was rumored to be made by Microsoft in the most iconic Start Menu of Windows. While Windows is widely used around the world Start Menu has … Read more

Microsoft Surface Duo Might Be Early

The current market is coming along with a lot of new tech products. These new products include all the different daily use and work-related devices. Some other more highlighted devices are more derived to bring innovation to the new generation of electronics. Microsoft is one of the leading tech companies that have been around for … Read more

Microsoft’s All In One App

Microsoft is one of the tech giants that have a huge part in software development. It has a lot of software and applications running that are used in offices and places. Different apps and software were limited to Windows but then with time, Microsoft made them available for the android platform as well. Some of … Read more

Dual Screen Surface Duo By Microsoft

The trending tech now is foldable devices with dual screens and Microsoft is also on it. Until now we have seen a few foldable phones. The real dual-screen foldable phone that got popular was the Galaxy fold by Samsung. Last year was the starting of these foldable phones with the first generation that is doing … Read more

Microsoft’s New Console Called ‘Xbox’

Microsft is a tech giant that has multiple services and products to offer and is doing great with the products. One of the many products includes its gaming console that is also one of the most popular consoles in the market. The video game consoles have been popular and have a large number of players … Read more

Microsoft’s Laptop Overheating Solution

Laptops have been around for some time now and due to their convenient design, they are popular. The mobility of Laptops is one of the major reasons why they came to existence. For most of the good things about different laptops, one is always common. This common thing is one of the reasons why they … Read more

Cortana Comes to its End as Microsoft Announced to remove it from iOS, Microsoft launcher, and android.

Cortana removed from ios

The tech giants have been bringing up new features for a long time and virtual assistant is one of the very popular features of all. Google and Apple were the leading on this race of popular virtual personal assistants and Microsoft did try it here. Microsoft made its own virtual assistant for the customers called … Read more

Linux to get Microsoft Defender Antivirus Next year.

Linux microsoft defender antivirus

While e-security is still getting worked on Microsoft now decided to put efforts on working with the Linux system on security. Microsoft Defender will be available to Linux in the future and Microsoft will be giving a live presentation of how this will be possible. Ignite conference will bring it to a public demonstration on … Read more