Google Meet Got a New Feature: Noise Cancellation

Google Meet is a leading video conferencing platform now and people are using it on a daily basis. Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, we can’t go outside because our lives are at risk. Google Meet lets us do video calling with up to 100 people and the video calling is secure. People can rely on … Read more

Google Earth With Dark Mode Soon

We have a lot of apps from Google which we use on a daily basis. These apps make our life easy and convenient and they are pretty good at what they’re doing. Google is improving their apps daily and most of the apps are available with latest features in them. Same goes to Google Earth, … Read more

Google Maps Added a New Feature To Help Disabled

Google is really a lifesaver in everything as we can search for anything on Google. Google Maps helps people a lot to reach any destination. You can go anywhere with the help of Google Maps as it has each and every road. You can find the estimated time to get anywhere through Google Maps. The … Read more

Google Chrome Brings New Safety Features

When we think of browsing anything on the internet, Google Chrome comes to our mind instantly. This is because Google Chrome is the most reliable web browser. We use Google Chrome to browse the internet plus to download stuff as Chrome is a good downloader also. Google Chrome is stable as hell and even its … Read more

Google Meet Becomes Completely Free For All

The entire globe is facing the Corona epidemic and people are forced to stay home for safety. While people are supposed to stay indoors, video conferencing has become a hot topic. In the last two weeks, the number of video conferencing apps has somewhat increased rapidly. It started off when Zoom got into security trouble … Read more

Google Pixel Buds 2020 Are Here

  The whole world is not working as it was supposed to be but things are working with a delay. With the delay finally, Google’s new wireless earbuds are out for everyone. Google is one of the biggest tech manufacturers of the last decade and it is keeping up to that. All the gadgets and … Read more

Pixel 3 Buds Seen In Leaks

There are multiple gadgets that we use every day and some of them might not important but we actually need them all the time. The involvement of smartphones in our life has increased the need for its accessories as well. Some of the audio accessories have gotten popular recently and wireless earbuds are one of … Read more