Google Hum to Search for Songs

Today Google has announced a new feature in its search panel which goes by the name ‘hum to search’ and it is very appropriately named because it will now allow its users to search for a song by simply coming to the melody of the song and you will be able to find out all … Read more

Google is Testing New YouTube Shopping Feature

YouTube is going to be your one-stop shop in the near future if Google testing goes right and it will dramatically change how the users of this platform shop for the products shown in the videos from their favorite creators. Google is testing a new feature which will allow the users of this platform to … Read more

Google Assistant Feature for Physically Disabled

Google assistant has come a long way since it was introduced many years ago and has been helping a lot of people on the daily, making their lives a whole lot easier which includes using your phone without even having to pick it up, search for information using your voice alone while you are driving … Read more

Google Chrome Upgrades Password Protection

Google Chrome is the preferred browser for all Android users and has been for quite a while now. Google Chrome is now releasing a new update which will allow it to increase security towards password protection on android and IOS devices. This is great news for all the smartphone users because now their passwords will … Read more

Google Pixel 5: Upcoming Flagship From Google

Google is constantly trying to beat all the companies by launching its devices but due to the current situation, everything is delayed. Coronavirus affected everything and even the production of new devices has stopped and delayed. Google is planning to launch a new flagship in the smartphone market that will change the game. Google is … Read more

Is Google Pixel 4a Coming In The First Week Of July?

We have heard a lot of rumours and leaks about the upcoming smartphone from Google which is Pixel 4a. Pixel 4a will be an affordable smartphone with some cool specifications to boost the phone’s performance. There are a lot of rumours around that the phone is coming in the first week of July. Even users … Read more