All New PS5 DualSense Controller

If you are a fan of console gaming and like a nice feeling controller that provides you feedback while you are playing a game then you will absolutely love the new ps5 controller. A new controller from PlayStation 5 is gathering applause for all the incredible new tech it keeps inside. The new ps5 controller … Read more

Grand Theft Auto 6

There is no doubt that Rockstar Games leads the market with their games. We have GTA5 that is from Rockstar Games and that game is unbeatable. There is no other game that is better than GTA5. We have Red Dead Redemption that is a very good game with the best graphics and it is from … Read more

Microsoft Xbox Series X: The Future Of Gaming

Microsoft is thinking to launch its upcoming project Microsoft Xbox Series X. This will be the future of gaming as it will have a lot more than what we have now. As we all know that Coronavirus is affecting everything so the production of Xbox Series X can be postponed for some time. The company … Read more

Hunter Gaming Router By Honor Launched.

Gaming is some serious thin for everyone and online gaming is a complete commitment for some. In the last few years, mobile gaming grew rapidly and turned into a gaming community that is worldwide. This growing platform also made big changes in the network and smartphone market as now people need good devices and networks. … Read more

PlayStation 5 has it’s News confirmed by Sony

playstation 5

One of the most popular gaming consoles out there for playing games all over the world. PlayStation is part of Sony and it’s one of the leading gaming consoles with games that are popular worldwide. The newest PlayStation by Sony will be PlayStation 5 in this gaming console series. It’s just announced and is going … Read more