Vivaldi Browser Comes To Android

For android users, there are too many apps to choose from be it the essential, utility, or any other app. Out of the many apps, browsers are quite a useful app for most of us as everyone is on the internet. Most of the people stick to Google chrome on android devices while there are … Read more

NordVPN to Use New NordLynx Technology

While the number of internet users has increased over time people have become more conscious. There have been too many incidents of cyberattacks and data breaches over the last few years. This lead to better internet security and for starters, people started using VPNs to keep their browsing private. One of the many popular VPNs … Read more

Useful Gmail Feature Unspoken of 

There are a lot of apps and services that have come around over time but not all are the same. One of the best service providers around is Google that has all the different apps and services. Gmail is the mailing service by Google and is also one of the leading right now. The app … Read more

WhatsApp Desktop and Web To Get Dark Mode

There are always new features coming around and the recent most popular feature was Dark Mode. The feature got popular last year and is now used at large. Most of the platforms are adapting to Dark Mode due to its popularity. From iOS and Andriod versions to the most popular apps all have come up … Read more

Microsoft’s All In One App

Microsoft is one of the tech giants that have a huge part in software development. It has a lot of software and applications running that are used in offices and places. Different apps and software were limited to Windows but then with time, Microsoft made them available for the android platform as well. Some of … Read more

Google Maps To Get Redesigned

Google is always up to something and this time its the Google Maps that is getting worked on. It is on the occasion of the 15-year completion of Maps that Google is making some changes in it. A few changes in the interface, as well as features, are going to happen in the popular Maps … Read more

Chrome OS To Get Dedicated Media Player

One of the many products by Google includes its ChromeOS that have been around for a while now. It is a project by Google based on Linux Kernel made from the Chromium OS. The interface on Chrome OS is made by the Google Chrome web browser and is mostly preinstalled on Chromebooks. Chrome OS mostly … Read more

Dark Mode And macOS Catalina On iTunes Remote App

This year has been full of new features and trends that everyone adapted to one after another. The dark mode is probably the most common trend or feature that everyone adapted to. As cool as it is the abundance of this feature can already be felt. The entire interface of the app of the Operating system … Read more

AI Warns About Your Offensive Caption On Instagram

The activity on social media has increased over a few years as more and more people have connected to the internet. With the increasing number, a lot of changes came along in different platforms along with social media itself. Right now there are a lot of different websites and apps that let you access social … Read more