WhatsApp Now Supports Group Videocall

If you work from your laptop then you must know how important it is to use WhatsApp on your laptop to communicate or to receive important documents straight to your laptop without having to transfer it to your phone. WhatsApp web has proved to be one of the most important aspects of your daily communication … Read more

Google Hum to Search for Songs

Today Google has announced a new feature in its search panel which goes by the name ‘hum to search’ and it is very appropriately named because it will now allow its users to search for a song by simply coming to the melody of the song and you will be able to find out all … Read more

Nvidia’s Maxine : All You Need to Know

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Mute Notifications Indefinitely in WhatsApp

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Finally The Dark Mode In Facebook Application

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Zoom Lies About Having 300 Million Users

It is one of the times when misleading customers can be trouble for a company. Even when it has high risk some companies can resist the market strategy like these. Lying about products services or the number of users to show the dominance happens a lot. This time it was Zoon that has admitted that … Read more

Google Meet Becomes Completely Free For All

The entire globe is facing the Corona epidemic and people are forced to stay home for safety. While people are supposed to stay indoors, video conferencing has become a hot topic. In the last two weeks, the number of video conferencing apps has somewhat increased rapidly. It started off when Zoom got into security trouble … Read more