iOS 13.5.1 Is Here: Too Soon?

Apple recently launched a new update for all its users who are using the iPhone. This new update comes with some security features because the previous version of iOS had some vulnerabilities. Apple is saying that all the users should update their devices to iOS 13.5.1 because the update had resolved the bug. This new … Read more

iPhone 12 Series Final Concept

When people talk about Apple, they also talk about the upcoming iPhone. Apple every time surprises its fans by launching a new iPhone with some great features. Previously we saw the iPhone 11 series and it was a hit. Users loved the iPhone 11 because of its price efficiency, iPhone 11 Pro for its compact … Read more

Finally, YouTube Kids Is Available For Apple TV

YouTube Kids is a video streaming platform by Google which is mainly created for kids. Kids can search for cartoons or anything like that on YouTube Kids. YouTube Kids has content restrictions and you can restrict any content you want. YouTube Kids is completely kids friendly and you can trust on YouTube Kids. The application … Read more

MacOS 10.15.5 Is Here

Apple’s bringing us the latest features in their devices for a long time. Right now, we have the most powerful devices we can get and they are from Apple only. There is no doubt that Apple is very serious about its users. Apple offers a very good OS in their devices and it is liked … Read more

Users Could Soon Unlock Their iPhone

As we all know that Apple is evolving and the new generation Apple device does not come with a fingerprint scanner. You can only unlock your device with the face recognition which is very safe when it comes to Apple. Apple is trying to innovate and they nearly vanished fingerprint scanner from their new devices. … Read more

The Upcoming iPhone 12 Series: Leaks And Rumors

Apple surprises it’s fans every time with new features. The company launches new phones every year and upgrades it to the next version. We saw the iPhone 11 series in 2019 with all-new chipset and camera upgrades. Apple launched the devices with features that were needed because every company was upgrading. We saw a 3 … Read more

Apple’s Upcoming Product: AirPods Studio

Apple never disappoints its users and never kills the expectations of its users. Apple is a premium class company with gadgets that are of top-notch quality. Music lovers will choose Apple over any other company because Apple is very smooth in terms of music. We get very good accessories from Apple and yet they don’t … Read more

Apple’s New MacBook Air 2020 Is Affordable

Apple has recently released its new product with some upgrades and those updates are looking quite good. We got a MacBook Air 2020 from Apple which is an upgrade to its previous version. This MacBook Air 2020 is Apple’s current cheapest laptop as it will cost you around $999 only. The laptop is less with … Read more

Apple Watch Series 6 Leaks And Rumours

Apple hit the market with its mind-blowing smartwatch in 2015. Apple Watch was a success and Apple started to upgrade it every year. We got to see new features in every new update. It is doubtless that Apple has the best smartwatch. In the previous version of Apple Watch that is Apple Watch Series 5, … Read more