Vivaldi Browser Comes To Android

For android users, there are too many apps to choose from be it the essential, utility, or any other app. Out of the many apps, browsers are quite a useful app for most of us as everyone is on the internet. Most of the people stick to Google chrome on android devices while there are … Read more

Motorola Edge+ Revealed In New Video

Smartphones are one of the most popular techs that we come around each day. For most of the people it is a daily necessity and it is a major part of life. From work to communication and many other things are one way or another dependent on it, Everyone has their own preferences for smartphones … Read more

LG’s Velvet Design And Specs Revealed

This year is similar to the last year with a lot of smartphones coming out one after another. All the manufacturers are trying to bring the best to the market in different ways. As the smartphone industry has become the hyped part of technology a lot of premium smartphones are coming out. LG is one … Read more

Huawei To Face Decline In Phone Sales

Chinese smartphone manufacturers have come forward with high sales in recent years. One of the leading Chinese smartphone manufacturers is Huawei that has made its name in news. Huawei produces one of the best premium smartphones but seems like it is having trouble. This was from last year after the US banned Huawei from business … Read more

Google Partially Teased Android 11

Google the worldwide popular tech giant is known as a search engine widely but there is more to it. Android platform by Google is the biggest operating system for smartphones. A large number of smartphone manufacturers are using Android for years now and it is still hyped. Like other operating systems Android has also evolved … Read more

The Pixel 5 Prototype Renders

The smartphones by leading manufacturers are always at hype and Pixel phones are one of these phones. Google Pixel devices are one of the few premium smartphones that lead the androids. The Pixel is a pure android device with no altered OS making it a leading android. Specifications and features of the Pixel phones are … Read more