Google ends Project Tango development, Pulls the plug for Tango phones

Project Tango

Google along with Asus and Lenovo made the first AR centric phone, and the effort was known as Project Tango, which placed a fully fledge Augmented reality powered Android device into average user’s hands. But sadly after the launch of AR-Core, plans are changed now, and Google has decided to kill the project Tango efforts, … Read more

Chrome64 beta now comes with a new Pop-up blocker, HDR10 and more

The latest version of Chrome that’s the Chrome64beta  is now available for Android, this version fixes the existing issues and brings a new feature that will put an end to those annoying ads. Now, let’s get into it to see what’s changed here. Being a beta tester you get to experience these new features ahead … Read more

Google Assistant now available on Tablets and Lollipop devices

Google assistant

Although we have got many different types of AI Assistants, Google Assistant has been the best as it comes Integrated all over the Android ecosystem. Google Assistant is becoming smarter and smarter day by day with the integration of the software now available also to the Smart Home devices. Google Assistant debut on the Pixel … Read more

Android Oreo update timeline for Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ revealed

Galaxy S8 Oreo

Samsung has been spot on with the software updates this year, and this has been true for both the Security patches as well as major OS updates.Without any doubt, the most awaited update right now is the Android Oreo update, and we have heard plans from Samsung Turkey, that the company will try to deliver … Read more