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Bitcoin, IOTA, Verge, Ethereum, Ripple, EOS and Tron takes a dip again

Bitcoin, the ever famous cryptocurrency, takes a dip again and now the crypto-coin has again reached it’s lowest position yet. Slipping from $7589 to $6760 which is a huge difference. One of the main cause for this was the reason that a South Korean Crypto exchange portal Coinrail was hacked on Sunday, loosing in millions and wiping out 30% of its trade. And the aftermath of this has affected in today’s low as well. After hitting $20k which was all-time high earlier this year, the bitcoin is now trading at $6600 courtesy of massive hits on its value. Ethereum is also falling by 3% and might continue to see another little dip.

IOTA is also bullish, and recently the sell target was raised to $1.6 to $1.7, and anything below $1.2 was considered to be a dip, and a buy was recommended at this point. Apart from that, IOTA has teamed with the world’s largest car maker Volkswagon and both showcased the future of cars in a nutshell, with IOTA’s tangle references software over the air can be transferred and transactions can take place between autonomous machinery and in case of Volkswagon we’re looking at the future of autonomous cars. The main concept here is the transfer of updates over the very air security and also in future vehicles communicating with one another also needs to be secured.

Cryptocurency prices
Image Courtesy: cryptocompare. com

Verge coin has also seen massive ups and downs where the coin lost most of its value and was trading at a mere $0.0372 due to the Verge network being hacked on a uniform basis via it’s hashrate, since a couple of weeks now. Nonetheless, the coin is now trying to get recover back from the dark, and the support from nowhere will be going up, and it’s the only coin now trading in green.

Overall, Bitcoin, Ripple, Verge, IOTA has seen a steep fall of more than 4% since last week, Tron, Monero, and NEO are also not looking good, and if such hacks continue to appear monthly deliberately, then some of them might lose even more volume, and it’s not good. Nice-hash’s and CoinSecure’s hacking example should be kept in mind nowaday’s before you go trading portals nowadays.

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