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AT&T to terminate its service for several customer over copyright violations

In the coming weeks, AT&T is planning to warn its customers that their service will be terminated due to copyright infringement.

This is the first time that AT&T will take such an initiative and end customer’s services over piracy and copyright issues.

[Source: People’s World]
AT&T told The Verge about this issue in a statement that:

Content owners notified us when they believed they had evidence that an internet account was sharing copyrighted material unlawfully. Based on the notices we received, we identified the customer on the account and share with them the information we received. We also reached out to the customer to educate them about copyright infringement and offer assistance to help prevent the activity from continuing. A small number of customers who continue to receive additional copyright infringement notifications from content owners despite our efforts to educate them, will have their service discontinued.

These customers who are violating the company’s policies have received warnings before and AT&T could soon cancel their service as the company’s new policies state.

The content owners contacted AT&T when they found about an internet connection illegitimately sharing the copyrighted content. The customers were contacted by the company and the customers who didn’t alter their behavior will have their services terminated by the company.

It is a rare occurrence to see the customers kicked off their services due to copyright infringement issues unless the infringement is on a massive scale.

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