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LG Vista 2 handset on AT&T getting September Security Patch update

AT&T, a giant Telecommunication company, based in U.S.A often release various updates for its number of devices and our today’s article is also dedicated to a software update for an LG device. Recently a new update has arrived for the LG Vista 2 device, which is good news for the device owners. LG Vista 2 has received a new security update in the U.S region, so without wasting any time let’s jump to the detailed info about the update.

LG vista 2
Image of the LG Vista 2.
Image courtesy: LG .com

In case you don’t know LG Vista 2 is a U.S specific device and is not available in other countries like China, India, etc. If you are wondering it is an Oreo update, then we are sorry as it is just a simple security update which means the user will face no or less User interface changes. The update is arriving with a built number MMB28M, and the version number of the update is H74020r, this update is based on the outdated Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow.

This new update brings the September security update to the device which means the risk of virus infections are less now; this also fixes the recent known KRACK vulnerability, it also includes Blueborne fix which means this is a mandatory update and a user should not ignore it. It is an OTA type update and weighs at just 96MB’s If you haven’t received this update yet then there is nothing to bother as it will arrive soon for you, do make sure that your device is having a minimum charge of 50% otherwise you might end up with a problem.

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