Astro just made an elite $200 gaming controllers

Astro Gaming, which is longtime famous for making gaming headsets such as Astro A40 and Astro A50, has just started making pro controllers for gaming.

This new controller made by Astro named as Astro C40 TR Controller is officially Sony-licensed is arguably even more elite than Microsoft’s Xbox One Elite. It is priced at $200.

[Source: Business Wire]
It is the first gaming controllers to have the company’s name which is a customizable controller for PC and PS4 with some nifty features to help you play your best online.

These controllers are released in just one color at the moment which is matte black, and some features of visual identity with Microsoft’s Xbox One Recon Tech Wireless Controller that was launched last year by Microsoft.

The main features that differentiate the Astro apart from the other controller are the analog sticks and D-pads that are totally modular, so you can slide them out at any time you want to switch from a PS4-style symmetrical stick setup to an Xbox-like offset controller configuration.

Just like the Xbox One Elite, you will be given an extra power, adjustable rear buttons at the back side, switches you can flick to give yourself hair-triggers, and slideable extra-long stick caps for the correct aiming.

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