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ARM to still work with Huawei stating the tech

Huawei keeps on becoming the news one way or another after it got banned from the USA. All the trade with Huawei was banned and companies were prohibited which caused a lot of trouble for Huawei. Even Google’s services are not allowed to be used by Huawei just the open-source services are accessible to Huawei users. Now ARM has come forward to work with Huawei once again with the statement that it still has an origin that comes from the UK. ARM is British based company that makes chips for smartphones and they have come forward to continue with Huawei. This year the trade ban caused them to cut ties with Huawei and now they think it’s fine to continue as the chip tech used by them is UK based.

ARM with Huawei

Huawei seems to be following the tech that has origin from the UK that is HiSilicon makes chipsets from the blueprints of ARM. ARM has it’s own tech in case of chipsets and they aren’t originated from the USA so the US-China ban doesn’t imply. It has not been easy for Huawei ever since they got banned from all the types of trade from the US. They were facing problems with OS as well as services but soon after the ban, Qualcomm did come forward to trade with them.

Now with ARM backing up with the support on the trade helps a lot ensuring Huawei will have an easy way on chipsets. It seems like a normal thing for other smartphone companies hut Huawei isn’t any company it’s one of the tech giants. They have been working their way around to fit the system and keeping the customers satisfied. But Google’s services are still not available for them and their flagship devices don’t have play store.

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