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AR Glasses Shooting Images Into Retina

AR or Augmented Reality is one of the technologies that are still under development. Not too many applications are around yet and many companies are trying to make it a business. One of the most trending gadgets in AR is the AR glasses. The leading tech companies like Google are working on these AR glasses. There are enough news and updates on such glasses that are based on AR technology. These glasses so far are working with the image production over the glasses and that is still something with space for development. Now something new and much advanced seems to be on its way in AR glasses on how they project images.

It is the recent news that Bosch is making it’s way to more advanced AR glasses that will project images directly into the retina. Till now we have seen AR glass that acts as a screen before the eyes but now they will act as a projector to eyes. The projection of images by these AR glasses into retina will happen with the help of lasers. With some adjustments, it is possible to make the lasers go directly into eyeballs to project images into your retina.

It is called Light Drive Glass and as it looks it is still just a concept that is under progress. There are no words to when it might be available to the public market. The image distance changes in this AR glass and you can expect it to be superior to the current AR glasses in many ways. The Light Drive Glasses can project images, texts, notifications, and different things into your vision through the retina.

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