Apple’s Upcoming Product: AirPods Studio

Apple never disappoints its users and never kills the expectations of its users. Apple is a premium class company with gadgets that are of top-notch quality. Music lovers will choose Apple over any other company because Apple is very smooth in terms of music. We get very good accessories from Apple and yet they don’t stop making new gadgets for their users. Apple AirPods were a hit and they were ruling the market when they first came out. People prefer AirPods over any other earphones or headphones even today.

Now the company is thinking of launching something new and good. Rumours are that Apple will launch its new over the ear headphones. They will be a masterpiece from Apple and Apple is thinking to replace Bose headphones. The name could be AirPods Studio and they will cost not more than Bose headphones which Apple provides on their official website. Price can be around $350 which is almost $50 less than what Apple offers now. AirPods Studio will have all the features which a good headphone should have. The noise-cancelling feature will be there and they will be over the ear so expect good bass for sure.


Everyone knows that Apple’s products are so premium but with premium texture, they are overpriced too. Apple is keeping it simple this time because these new AirPods Studio won’t be so expensive. They will be even less in price from what Apple offers right now, which is Boss. Lovers of Apple and music are gonna like this new product of Apple. Covid-19 could delay the process of AirPods Studio but they will arrive loud and they will be lit as per the rumours.

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