Apple’s Upcoming iPhone 12 4G: Should You Go For It If It Comes?

Apple is a leading smartphone brand that offers the best in class devices. We have a lot of smartphones but Apple offers us the best devices with good security features. Apple is known for its security and nothing can bypass the security of Apple. Apple is trying their best to offer it’s users the best features and this is why Apple is going to launch the new iPhone series which is iPhone 12. Apple will launch the iPhone 12 series later this year and it will be a blast.

iPhone 12 series will have an iPhone 12 and two other iPhones with slightly bigger displays and some other features included. There is a rumour going around that Apple is going to launch a separate iPhone 12 that will support 4G towers only. The upcoming iPhone 12 series will be 5G enabled for sure but there are some leaks that Apple can launch a separate iPhone 12 4G. The question is that should you buy it if it comes? There is nothing bad in 4G connectivity but 5G is innovation and if you’re going to spend your money then spend it on a reliable device. 4G is outdated right now and all the new devices are 5G enabled now so 5G is the new trend.

If you are going to upgrade from the iPhone 11 series then you should definitely go for iPhone 12 5G but if you’re new to iPhones then you can give iPhone 12 4G a try if you’re okay with 4G. It all depends on the pricing because if the 4G version will be a lot cheaper than the iPhone 12 5G than the 4G version is worth the shot.

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