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Apple’s Smart Ring Seen In Patent

With a large tech market and a large number of manufacturers out there, tech keeps upgrading. Each year you can see new products or a new generation of gadgets that have better features. Not only the hardware but software are also developing over time. The mainstream tech companies are mostly the ones that come up with innovations. Apple is one of these mainstream tech giants that are first to bring innovation in different ways. A new piece of tech is seen in a patent of Apple that suggests Apple smart ring. This seems to be another one of the smart wearable devices from the tech giant.

The patent by Apple actually suggests the idea of a wearable device that can control other gadgets. So far smartwatches and bands are the trending wearables and a smart ring might do just fine. The most innovative feature that the patent suggests is that it can let you have control with gestures. While you are wearing this gadget you can simply point your finger to the device you want to control. Different gestures will probably be available for different command and not much is clear about the technology that is still on the papers.

This smart ring by Apple can have more than just the gesture control as it may have a touchscreen to operate. A trackball might also be possible on such a device to use it. While the smart ring can control smart home appliances it is not just limited to Apple products. Other than gesture control it may support voice command or even a dial. Apple Smart Ring is probably the gadget taking over Apple watch in the near future. This is going to let you have more ease while controlling devices without moving through menus.

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