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Apple’s Patent Has Self Configuring Smart System

With developing technology, it is expected that you will have to do less soon enough. Until now everything is going at a pace that most of the devices have become smart. Most smart devices are capable of doing things automatically rather than manual systems. There are always things that you need to configure just to use your smart devices and even configuring it is hard. Now the technology is going further and you don’t even need manual configuration. A new patent by Apple has revealed a system that will be self-configuring with other devices.

Most people are used to having smart devices in their home and this is quite common now. One of the major problems for everyone is setting up or configuring a smart device. Be it connecting to your devices or to your local network configuring them c=sometimes becomes a mess. The smart devices become hard to handle at times like that while they sure are comfortable to use once configured. Apple’s patent has a self-configuring system that could do the configuring by itself. All the smart devices in the room will get detected by this system and it will configure them to connect.

This system is more than just auto-configuring as the patent also has a description of “host unit” that can detect other “host units” that are around. A 3d physical map of your room is made by this system that includes physical objects like sofa and furniture etc. Even your movements are read by this system using the ToF or Time of Flight sensors. This even authenticates different levels of access to people for smart devices at home. Outsiders get less access to the smart devices while you can control them completely.

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