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Apple’s New MacBook Air 2020 Is Affordable

Apple has recently released its new product with some upgrades and those updates are looking quite good. We got a MacBook Air 2020 from Apple which is an upgrade to its previous version. This MacBook Air 2020 is Apple’s current cheapest laptop as it will cost you around $999 only. The laptop is less with a hell lot of features and new upgrades with a price tag which is affordable. Apple does not make products which are affordable to everyone but this MacBook 2020 is looking like now Apple is taking a step in affordability.

We saw the new iPhone SE which Apple launched at a price tag which was very attractive. Maybe the company is looking forward to launching some products which are affordable. Talking about MacBook Air 2020, the laptop is a killer with lit specs. You get a Magic Keyboard in MacBook Air 2020 which is one of the premium things Apple can offer to their users. In terms of looks, both the 2019 and 2020 are similar with almost the same weight. We get a major upgrade in 2020’s MacBook Air which is the storage as Apple increased it from 128GB to 256GB.

If you are an Apple fanboy and you are going to buy a new laptop soon then you are going to love the all-new MacBook Air 2020. Of course, the price cut of the new MacBook Air 2020 is a surprise. The price of the 2020 MacBook Air is $100 less than 2019’s MacBook Air. There is nothing to compare in 2019 and 2020 MacBook Air because we can buy the new one in less. The company compromised on the processor of the new MacBook Air but it will do the work.

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