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Apple Working On Satellite Technology For Connectivity

Apple the worldwide popular tech giant is always up for new things and the newest reports have something related to satellites. Apple has a lot of new tech coming up every year while most of them are part of innovation among other companies. Completely wireless smartphones were one of the things that were making news recently for Apple. With wireless things have been limited to wireless charging and audio accessories etc for smartphones. The network connectivity is limited to local towers for the majority of the smartphones. Most of the people access cellular network using the service providers that have covered the local area with towers.

Apple is said to be hiring engineers for working on aerospace, satellite, and antenna, etc and it makes complete sense. The company is working on tech that can send a beam of data directly to devices making it more accessible. This isn’t the most advanced technology at the movement but it sure seems more accessible than the connectivity through local network providers. The dependence on local carriers will be gone after this technology. It is a fresh start and this project is still just in its prior stage. Tim Cook has shown interest in this project and some of the work is probably going on.

This seems to be a lot of work and Apple working on it is still just a piece of news so it is still 4-5 years away from now. Some of the experts for the development of hardware and software are recruited by Apple for working on this project. As per the reports Michael Terla and John Fenwick former aerospace engineers are working on this project. Not many companies are working on anything similar and again Apple is going forward with unique ideas of their own.


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