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Apple Working On More Than Just AR Glasses.

AR or Augmented Reality is the next step for most of the tech giants and Apple is working on it as it is known to all. The AR glasses are very much confirmed by everyone and they are expected to be launched by Apple after 2 years. As much as these AR glasses are exciting the AR tech itself is very much awaited by everyone. There are enough leaks on the AR glasses but some new leaks suggest that Apple is working on AR headphones while working on AR gadgets. These headphones will be able to provide Augmented audio and will make a great gadget that can be used for a better experience of meetings and conferences.

These are the information obtained from a patent that reveals other things such as ‘head tracking controller’ that will be able to tell the direction the person is looking at. Augmented Reality is fascinating and these gadgets as they are getting described are the future that will be available. These leaks sure look great but people might never get to see them any soon or the company may or may not bring it to market. Some rumors suggest that these AR headsets will be set to release in 2022 or so but it is nothing more than a rumor until the company gives any such statement.

Augmented Reality Headsets will allow you to hear the person that is not actually present around you following the nature of AR. It is a whole lot of processing as you will be able to get the voice of every person as the voice is and from where it is coming from. This gadget and tech can also be used for communication on calls or on conference meetings etc. With all this a Virtual room for multiple people is also mentioned in the patent.


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