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Apple Will Fix 3rd Gen iPad With Faulty Screen For Free

The number of gadgets and products that are available for customers is huge and is increasing. While you get a large list of manufacturers for any gadget only some are the best. One of the many leading manufacturers that are producing a large number of products is Apple. The premium brand is making the best of gadgets but is also making them expensive. Not only the products but services provided by Apple are expensive when it comes to repair products. But this time around Apple is fixing 3rd Gen iPads that have a faulty screen for free.

As it may seem this is not for everyone to avail and only some of the iPads are to be fixed for free. This is happening due to the manufacturing fault found in some of the iPads that were sold out last year. According to data, the iPads manufactured last year from March to October are having a faulty screen. These iPads are having a faulty screen that can go blank permanently that can’t be fixed. All sich iPads that have a manufacturing defect are to be fixed for free by Apple. It isn’t a surprise that Apple is not making customers pay for fixing their own defective product.

This is something that can be availed by the customer within two years from purchasing iPad Air. To get your iPad Air fixed for free you need to get an appointment at the Apple store. Third-party partner stores of Apple can also be visited for this purpose. While Apple is fixing the screen for free in case any of the other hardware has issues that will not be covered under this scheme. Apple is going to charge you for any other service that you need for your iPad Air other than the faulty screen.

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