Apple Watch Series 6 Leaks And Rumours

Apple hit the market with its mind-blowing smartwatch in 2015. Apple Watch was a success and Apple started to upgrade it every year. We got to see new features in every new update. It is doubtless that Apple has the best smartwatch. In the previous version of Apple Watch that is Apple Watch Series 5, we get a 1.78″ OLED display with some great features like Always-On Display and all. There was no flaw in the Apple Watch Series 5 as it was a perfect match.

Apple will launch its new upgrade in late 2020 which is Apple Watch Series 6. This upgrade will come with some seriously good features. Rumours are that Apple Watch Series 6 could detect the mental health of the user. Isn’t this a great feature? Of course, it is because we don’t get this feature in any other smartwatch. We will get longer battery life in Series 6 as compared to Series 5. There are many more rumours around about Series 6 like the watch will get an S6 chip which is fast. Apple Watch Series 6 is likely to get the Sleep Tracking feature which was needed.

Apple Watch Series 6 can get delayed due to Covid-19 like the Apple iPhone 12. You can expect Apple Watch Series 6 in late September. People love using Apple Watch as they are convenient and you can do a lot with them. You get all the notifications on the Apple Watch and you can even call anyone through the Watch. There are many more reasons why people are crazy about Apple Watch. Apple Fans are waiting for Apple to officially release some update regarding the Apple Watch Series 6 and iPhone 12. The production of these two upcoming devices can get delayed but it will be worth the wait.

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