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Apple Watch 6 Leaks Suggest New Features

Apple is one of the many tech giants that are producing all the different products. From smartphones to laptops and even wearables are all manufactured by Apple. All the products by Apple are very much liked by users while not all can afford them. Quite the expensive but feature-rich products of Apple include the Apple Watch, iPhones, iPads and many more. The company is putting new upgrades to these products and every year we get to see a new series of same. This time around leaks are suggesting the upcoming wearable product the Apple Watch 6.

As the name suggests this is the 6th series of Apple watch and it is getting another upgrade. The leaks are somewhat suggesting the new features that might be in Apple Watch 6. Some features were expected like sleep tracking while there some more like parent control etc. The Apple Watch 6 is getting better ECG Scans and now the Watch will feed data to the app keeping records. It will come with WatchOS 7 could get more functional with customization on swapping screen. The product will be a wearable fitness gadget as well as the classic watch for you.

One of the new features includes parental control that is quite a good feature. For parents now it will be easier to look over their kids that have Apple watch. Parents can restrict contacts and music that the kid is accessing and also set the limitations to accessibility. A schooltime feature is also reported in the new Apple Watch 6 that can be used by parents. This will allow parents to choose which features and apps are available for their kid during the hours they select. As much as the watch seems like a great deal the leaks are making it more interesting.

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