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Apple To Remove Ports From iPhones in 2021

Apple is one of the biggest smartphone companies that are leading the market and it gave a new surprise. The tech giant is known for its great devices that come out with unexpected things and designs. iPhones so far have been great and also good for those who can afford them. These premium iPhones by apple are great with some of the latest features and hardware you can get in a smartphone. So far some of the visible changes in smartphones include wireless charging, removed headphone jack, and high frame rate displays. Apple already has removed the headphone jack this year in the iPhone 11 series and the same will happen again.

A report from Apple says that in the coming years all ports will be gone from the iPhones. Many people might have expected this as after how Apple is no longer interested in headphone jacks. The year as per the report is 2021 when the iPhones will come without any ports on it. The report also had some on the next year’s iPhones. The report says 4 new iPhones will be released in the year 2020. A new iPhone series with 3 different display sized iPhones along with the iPhone SE 2.

All the ports will be completely removed in iPhones in 2021 which is a bit late for some as few expected the removed or changes USB port this year. By removing the ports there will be no chance for wired earphones. The charging will be possible only with a wireless charger. It is the type of innovation that surely Apple can pull off even when people might think that ports are more accessible. No other company is giving signs of any such change for now. While others are not here yet, after Apple’s move, you might see similar features soon enough.


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