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Apple To Make A Foldable iPhone

The tech giant Apple is known for all the different products that it makes. From smartphones to wearables and other gadgets all are manufactured by Apple. All the products by Apple are usually quite expensive at the cost of getting premium quality. Apple is making new gadgets all the time while mostly it is late to produce the trending tech. Most of the time it is the androids that are the first to bring new techs in smartphones. This time around it is the foldable devices that Apple is working on while foldable devices are in the market for some recent time.

While Samsung is the one to take faster steps towards the foldable devices Apple is on it as well. A patent by Apple suggests that Apple might be working on a Foldable iPhone. A dual-screen device that can also work as a single screen is something Apple is working on. This isn’t the innovation looking at the available foldable devices in market but Apple seems to make some changes. From the information, it seems Apple is trying to remove or reduce the bezel to make it look more like a single screen.

The patent is not quite clear to how Apple is going to do things but it is making a dual display and single-screen device. It can be a device with detachable smaller displays or maybe it is just another foldable. For a detachable device, the user can choose to have a single smaller screen or have a single big screen in the pocket. It is not even a rumor that this device will be around any soon. This idea is still under making and it won’t be around any soon. It will take time as Apple might not want to fail in its first foldable device.


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