Apple targets Qualcomm employees in San Diego with new job listings


Recently, Apple and Qualcomm have been in a quite heated dispute and for the last two years, both companies have been going at each other. Now, Apple is taking another jab at Qualcomm by opening up jobs in San Diego where Qualcomm is based in-order to grab employees from Qualcomm.

As reported by Bloomberg, there have been 10 job opening this month from Apple in the chipmaking positions at San Diego and San Diego is where Qualcomm is based and operates from.

Apple Inc
[Source: Apple]
Such job listings have never there by Apple before but it looks like that Apple could be opening a regional office for its chip designers. Of course, that’s normal to hire employees from a top-notch rival.

For Apple, it is obvious which takes pride in designing chipsets for its devices by itself and it’s something that the Cupertino based company is doing already in other locations. Apple already has regional offers which function to hire employees from other famous chipmakers including Intel and AMD.

However, one thing should be noticed here that Apple is moving away from Qualcomm and at the same time targeting employees from Qualcomm. Apple ended its partnership with Qualcomm and completely dumped Qualcomm’s modem for its latest iPhone models and chose to take modems from Intel instead.

But Intel has been lagging behind Qualcomm when it comes to modem performance for quite a while and Qualcomm accused Apple of illegally providing some of Qualcomm’s information to Intel.

It is just a report, so, it is not known that whether it’s true but Apple has good reasons to search out modem experts from Qualcomm.

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