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Apple Rumored To Look For OLED Panels From BOE

The well-known smartphone maker Apple is performing well in the market for a long time now. iPhones by Apple are one of the leading smartphones worldwide for different reasons. The performance and built of iPhones is one of those reasons. The display or screen of a device plays an important role for any manufacturer. Apple has Samsung it’s first screen panel supplier and now it seems to be looking for more suppliers. Rumors have it that Apple is looking for OLED panels from the Chinese company BOE. OLED panels are surely going to b on more and more devices in upcoming releases.

In the newer iPhones, OLED panels will be vastly used and the demand will increase for sure. The same will be happening in 2021 iPhones. As per the rumors coming from South Korea Apple is looking for OLED panels from BOE. BOE can potentially become Apple’s second-largest OLED panel supplier for 2021. Samsung is still the first that can satisfy Apple’s demand for OLED panels for a large number of iPhones. Apple is said to be looking for ordering around 45 million OLED panels from BOE as per the sources from South Korea. This huge order of OLED panels is most likely to be used in 2021 iPhones.

The rumor of this huge OLED panel, as well as the use of the ordered OLED panel, sure makes BOE one of the biggest suppliers for Apple. Still are other suppliers for the OLED panel for Apple and Samsung sits on top. If the rumors are true BOE will be the second-largest supplier and LG being the third. Japanese OLED panels are for smaller devices like Apple watch. In 2020 all the iPhones are said to have OLED panels so Apple will need a huge supply.  But there are no words on it whether BOE OLED panels will be used in 2020 iPhones as well.

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