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Apple responds to the Google zero-project Blog

Google and Apple sure are the top of the list companies and both state that security is a priority. Security of device and customer data being the priority there is always some exchange of statements between both. Earlier this month, Google came up with a blog and mentioned security breach or glitch kind of thing with Apple devices. Zero project by Google is a team looking for glitches and possible security breaches. Under the project, Google came up with the blog and gave the information that security is breached using some websites.

Google zero-project

Hackers or cybercriminals have some websites that are unusual and allow access to device visiting it. Google stated that iOS running iPhones are vulnerable to data theft using some websites accessed by hackers. The malware allows criminals to steal data of users from the device. The blog said this glitch or vulnerability have been there for 2 years and iOS user’s data is breached. After this blog and the serious data breach disclosing by Google under Zero project now, Apple has come to defend themselves.

Response by Apple is to make sure the trust of iOS users doesn’t get any damage and to ease the uproar. Apple said that Google just tried to stoke fear among iOS users and the breach of mass users isn’t the case. There was also a claim that the two year period mentioned by Google is false and it was not even two months in reality. More was added that Apple was already working on this vulnerability even before Google came to them with the issue. To further boost the spirit again it was said that they will always work tirelessly to keep the users safe. It was a desperate need and users have got the defending statements as well now.

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