Apple releases the new V10.4 Update for the Final Cut Pro Software

When it comes to video editing some of the most popular software available for a user are Adobe Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas Pro, and the Apple’s FCP. So today we have an exclusive information for all the FCP users out there, FCP a.k.a Final Cut Pro has received a new update, and this update brings some much-needed functions to the software about which we will discuss later in the article so without wasting any time let’s jump to the info.

iMac running FCP
Image of the Apple Mac.
Image courtesy: journographica .com

If you are a Cinematographer, VFX artist or a YouTube creator then you may be familiar with this name, an uncountable mass is using this software as their primary weapon because it packs enough features to take on any other app of this category. Apple keeps on updating its applications so that their users will be able to get latest features and this time as well they have followed the same legacy. The new update comes with the version number 10.4 and is free for the existing users.

Final Cut Pro 10.5 for Macbook Pro
Image of the color grading panel in FCP.
Image courtesy: fonearena .com

Some major highlights of this update are as follows: The latest update brings HDR support to the app, now for the first time Mac users can edit 8K videos on FCP, support for 360 Degree video editing and Refined color grading panel. Now a user can edit, render and color grade the VR videos and can watch it in real time by using the HTC Vive VR headset through StreamVR. Creators can now add 3D/2D texts in the VR video, and that rendered video can be directly shared with all major social media platforms. When it comes to color grading, a user can now import LUT’s from various apps like DaVinci Resolve, Color Grading Central, etc. which will help in increasing the workflow speed.

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