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Apple releases new iOS 13 update that’s even better

Apple is rocking the platform with its new iOS update that they released recently along with the new iPhones. The iPhone 11 pro came with new iOS 13 with a lot of features that took the attention of users. There were some really cool features that iOS 13 came with while it started rolling but it was disappointing due to bugs. Users faced a lot of bugs including some major as well as minor bugs in the early stage of iOS 13. Now Apple decided to fix the bugs and provide some features that will bring Apple fans together for good.

iOS 13 update

The reason for users to look forward to this iOS update includes its long-awaited dark mode. From the data collected by Apple, most of its customers have already upgraded to iOS 13. Earlier versions of iOS 13 were buggy for the very first week and now it seems Apple took care of it all. Millions of Apple’s iPod and iPhone users all upgraded soon after the release of this iOS. The dark mode was a hit and now after some time, the update is bought. Users have mentioned how it helps in increasing battery performance.

It works simply with the dark mode as there are fewer pixels to exhaust power on black pixels. The OLED display is getting affected by this and the LED display isn’t affected by it. Other features added in this iOS update include privacy options and reminder app that is also upgraded. There are health features added to it that keep track of your activity. Photos app also got some upgrades now photo app got it’s a new feature that helps choose the best picture to keep as your memory. It looks like a treat for Apple users struggling with bugs in iOS.

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